Spring is coming to Artanis Wedding Lace


I’m so happy that spring is finally coming!

February was as usual for our family filled with different illnesses, all three kids had their share and so did I. Even my husband, who is usually very healthy did not escape this time. March has been a time to catch up on all the things that needed to be done in February. Luckily I have managed to find some time for knitting but I have not yet gotten to taking pictures (at the very top of my to do list) so I have only a few to show you.

As I said – spring is coming and I’m knitting a beautiful light blue scarf with flower pattern. Why light blue? Because my two favorite flowers are blue – cornflower and anemone hepatica.

Flower field scarf

Another flower shawl is this lily of the valley shawl that my friend has cherished for many years. She wore it daily and now it has become a little tired and has several holes. She really likes the shawl and so she brought it to me so I could see if I’m able to mend it. I really hope I have time for this before the end of March!

Resque project

And finally I want to share my joy. I recently got two sets of KnitPro blocking wires and they are so good to work with 🙂 Here is a picture of the blocking of four ring bearer pillows, before the wires I used pins and my fingertips were so sore afterwards.


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