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  • Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.2 - Artanis Wedding Lace

    This bridal shawl is feather light for its size of approximately 60 x 180 cm (23,6 x 70,8 inches) and it is a “wedding ring shawl” meaning that it is so fine that it will fit through a wedding ring. The shawl is knitted with very soft yarn and it will protect you from the heat of the midday sun as well as the chill of the summer evening.
    The pattern used in this shawl is Lily of the Valley that symbolizes purity, luck and happiness and is therefore ideal for a wedding shawl.
    Being hand crafted using techniques over 200 years old it will become a true heirloom in your family.
    The value of this shawl is 270 euros.

    Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.3 - Artanis Wedding Lace

    Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.6 - Artanis Wedding Lace



    White ring cushion with Greta Garbo Pattern and light blue pillow by Artanis Wedding Lace

    Light Blue Ring Cushion with white Greta Garbo Pattern