Lacy Alpaca Scarf – Secret Knitting vol5

Mustrimaailma Pitsiline salakudumine 2015

There is a secret knitting going on at an Estonian forum for knitters and crocheters. This time the theme is a lacy scarf.

And here is the scarf finally finished 🙂

You can see the scarf after the first clue HERE
After the second clue HERE
And after the third clue HERE
And after the fourth clue HERE

The last clue was given on the 10th of June and after that there was a bit of knitting, blocking and here I am with the final result.

Yarn: Lamana Piura 00 (white)
Needles size 3

I have got to say that I do like the yarn, it is suitable for bit warmer shawls and it holds the form nicely if you knit it the right way (in this scarf I followed the pattern but if I would knit the same scarf again I would change the pattern a bit so that the edge would hold better). I will definitely use the same yarn again, and recommend it to all who need a shawl/scarf for colder times of the year. I also have some red Lamana Piura and can’t wait to find a pattern to knit with it.

Secret knitting white Lamana Piura baby alpaca lace scarf vol5

The next two pictures are taken by my son who is seven years old. We took them by the peony because to me the pattern reminded me of them and when there was a vote on what the name of the scarf should be then it turned out that others saw flowers too because the name of the secret knitting shawl became Tiina lilleaed (Tiina’s flower garden; Tiina is the author of the pattern). The pattern is now available in Ravelry.

Secret knitting white Lamana Piura alpaca lace scarf finished

Secret kintting Lamana Piura baby alpaca lace scarf finished

The final pictures of this secret knitting were taken by my husband several months later.

Lamana Piura Secret Knitting vol5 - Artanis Wedding Lace

And we had a guest on this photoshoot 😉

Secret Knitting vol5 - Lamana Piura shawl - Artanis Wedding lace

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