Natural White Hair Flower with Reddish Brown Edge

red edge 7The last hair flower I posted was reddish brown. If you want some color but not that much color for your hairdo then you can use a hair flower where the main part is white (natural white in this case) and the edge is colorful. This hair flower has a wide edge but the edge can also be narrower as I’ll show in the next post.

This flower can be used as a bridal accessory but also as a bridesmaid or flower girl accessory.

Diameter 11cm/4,3in
Material: soft wool
Color: natural white with reddish brown edge

red edge 6

And now meet my second daughter:

red edge 4

red edge 5

The natural white flower with reddish brown edge with the reddish brown hair flower:

hair accessory - big red flower1.8- Artanis Wedding Lace

A small sneak peak to what is yet to come:

Bridal accessory - Hair flower1.8 - Artanis Wedding Lace

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