Wedding Shawl – Lily of the Valley

Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.1 - Artanis Wedding Lace

This is my second shawl with nupps. And I picked a pattern where there were a lot of them so that the finished shawl has 1188 nupps in it! And, since I used smaller needles than traditional it is smaller and less lacy than traditional Haapsalu Shawls, but is therefore a suitable wedding shawl for colder climates (here in Estonia summer nights can be quite chilly) or for a winter wedding. The size is also a matter of preference and for a smaller bride (like me – 165cm; 5’5”) it is quite suitable.

The pattern is one of the many Lily of the Valley patterns used in Haapsalu shawls and scarves. It is called the Turned Lily of the Valley Pattern because the flowers face different directions in alternating rows.

Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.7 - Artanis Wedding Lace

I loved knitting this pattern and I will definitely use it again and again (and already have, a bit bigger shawl is also ready). The pattern was very logical and I didn’t have to look at the chart all the time. The funny thing about knitted lace is that it’s true beauty emerges after blocking. I remember knitting this wedding shawl and thinking that it was a beautiful shawl, but when I had blocked it, I was so awed that for the longest time I just looked at the shawl and did not dare to touch it (as if my touch would break it).

Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.2 - Artanis Wedding Lace

I was so happy when I was at the photographers that I didn’t notice that the shawl would have looked even nicer if it had been on the other way around (or if I would have sat with the other side facing Krista). But, I was just so incredibly happy being there and I can’t wait for the next time!

Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.3 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Material: 100% soft wool, cobweb weight (1400 m in 100 g; 1531 yards in 100g)
Color: Natural white
Size: approximately 50x140cm (19,7×55,1 in)
Needles: 2,5mm (US1) for center and 3,5mm (US4) for lace edge.
Because of the size it can’ t be said that it is a traditional Haapsalu Shawl but I used traditional techniques and traditional number of stitches and rows.

Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.4 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.6 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.5 - Artanis Wedding Lace

What is so nice about the wedding shawl is that after the wedding you don’t have to leave it into the cupboard to gather dust. Instead, you can use it on other occasions or wrap it around yourself on chilly evenings, bringing back memories of your wedding.

Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.8 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Photos by Krista Kattel Photography

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Shawl – Lily of the Valley

  1. Kathie

    Did you design this knitting pattern yourself? This stitch is exactly what I’m looking for in a knitting shawl for a young woman I’m knitting for. It’s a gift to her. Do you sell your patterns?

    • Artanis Post author

      Hi Kathie,

      I did not design the pattern myself, it is a variation of a traditional Estonian pattern. It comes from the Estonian pattern book The Haapsalu Shawl by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi.

      At the moment I do not sell my patterns but if you write to me at I can help you with your shawl.


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