Elegant Wedding Shawl

Elegant Shawl1.3 - Artanis Wedding Lace This is the first lace shawl pattern I knitted. It does not use nupps because when I started it I was still so awed by nupps that I thought that they were too hard to knit (they are not, just needs some practice). This pattern looked very simple and I thought that I would use it as a practice lace pattern and then move forward to more elegant and more sophisticated patterns. Boy was I wrong, yes it is pretty simple to knit but that does in no way make it less elegant. On the contrary I think that this is the most elegant pattern I have used so far and I will use this pattern again and again. It is so elegant and delicate pattern that I think it could also be used to knit a wedding vail.

Elegant Bridal Shawl - Artanis Wedding Lace

Elegant Shawl1.2 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Material: 100% soft wool, cobweb weight (1400m/100g; 1531ft/100g)
Color: Natural white
Size: approximately 55×165 cm (21,6×65 in)
Needles: The center part is knitted with number 2,5 needles (US1) and I think that although I’m knitting ohter shawls with number 3 needles, this shawl looks better when knitted with smaller needles.

Elegant Shawl - Artanis Wedding Lace

Elegant Wedding Wrap - Artanis Wedding Lace

Elegant Wedding Shawl - Artanis Wedding Lace

And, as all true Haapsalu Lace Shawls and Scarves, it can also pass through a woman’s wedding ring.

Elegant Shawl - Artanis Wedding Lace (2)

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