Bridal Scarf – Heart Pattern

Wedding Scarf - Heart Pattern - Artanis Wedding LaceI was browsing through “The Haapsalu Scarf” book when I saw a pattern I immediately felt would look amazing with a bride gown. It had two different small patterns and a big border, but the border didn’t seem quite right. The previous pattern in the book had a border with hearts on it and so I combined the two scarves to form the perfect scarf for summer brides.

I love nupps (special bobbles), in my opinion they make the scarves more dignified and warmer. But by combining the two scarves I had eliminated all nupps from this bridal shawls pattern. So, I just added some 🙂 And here is the result:

Material: 100% soft wool, cobweb weight (1400 m in 100 g; 1531 yards in 100g)
Color: Natural white
Size: approximately 67×108 cm (26,4×42,5 in)

This bridal scarf is pretty small and light and is therefore a perfect accessory for bringing out the natural beauty of the summer bride. If you want scarves that would also keep you warm in the chilly evenings then look at the rest of my bridal scarves

Wedding Scarf - Heart Pattern - Artanis Wedding Lace

Bridal Scarf - Heart Pattern1.2 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Wedding Scarf - Heart Pattern1.3 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Pictures by Krista Kattel Photography

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