Beaded natural white scarf for a bride

Beaded Lace Scarf for Bride I thought that at the end of November everybody is already thinking about Christmas and therefore I was surprised when I received a scarf order. And what an order it was! A beaded scarf for a bride. I had used beads before but only in small projects like ring bearer pillows and hair flowers, I knew that the methods I was using for these two things were too time consuming for a large project. So I dived into YouTube and found a suitable method for a large project (just type “dental floss beads lace” into YouTube if you are curious) where I wouldn’t have to chase beads around and at the same time the end result would still look good. I just substituted the dental floss with a slender needle.

I used the same natural white 100% wool yarn that is so soft that people have hard time believing that it is actually 100% wool and not something else such as merino. The yarn also holds form beautifully after blocking and is very warm. The beads are clear with silvery insides and they shimmer in the light but do not dominate over the shawl, just compliment it elegantly.

The scarf itself has a lily of the valley pattern and is triangular. But I will only show parts of it today and keep the whole scarf a secret. Hopefully I will be able to someday show the scarf where it belongs – on the shoulders of a beautiful bride

Beaded scarf - Artanis Wedding Lace_

I just love the way the beads are in the nupps and bring a slight elegant shimmer to the shawl. Don’t you?

Beaded Lace Scarf for Bride

Beaded Lace Scarf for Bride

And here is the beaded scarf all packed and ready to go to its bride.

Beaded Lace Scarf for Bride

I you would like something similar for yourself or for a gift just stop by my Etsy shop and send me a custom order there or write to me directly from the contact page.

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