Lace flower – a wedding hair accessory

Bridal accessory - Hair flower1.2 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Couple of months ago I was knitting the lace edge for another Haapsalu shawl and thinking about what wedding accessories would compliment the shawl. What kind of gown, shoes, hair accessories etc. And then I looked down on my knitting and had a moment of inspiration. Needless to say that this lace edge did not end up as a part of that shawl 🙂 Instead it became the first wedding hair accsessory I made – a lace flower.

I also had been toying with the idea of using beads with Haapsalu lace knitting and so here is one of my favourite hair flowers with light blue beads (something blue 😉 )

Bridal accessory - Hair flower1.4 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Bridal accessory - Hair flower1.6 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Bridal accessory - Hair flower1.7 - Artanis Wedding Lace

Bridal accessory - Hair flower1.5 - Artanis Wedding Lace

And a little sneak peek to what is coming:

Bridal accessory - Hair flower1.8 - Artanis Wedding Lace

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