Christmas Presents and a Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Artanis Wedding Lace This year has been wonderful for Artanis Wedding Lace. Artanis Wedding Lace was inventer this year, the name selected and the concept worked out. I have had so much fun doing this, learned very many new things and also realised how much more there is to learn. I’m looking forward to next year and hoping to bring much joy to brides by starting my little business (have no idea how much time it will tahe but I hope that it will happen in 2015). It is the greatest pleasure when I can make someone happy with my handicraft.

December was a very busy month, I had the pleasure to make two presents for my children’s kindergarten personal. After that, I turned the attention to my family and knitted a scarf for my husband. Our three children were required to attend seven Christmas parties this year which meant that I had no time to knit something for them, but I’ll show you what I picked out for them and I’ll try to make these in January.

The end of December was a really exiting time for Artanis Wedding Lace because Santa Claus did not forget me, but I’ll talk more about this at the beginning of 2015 😉

At first I’m going to show you a scarf I made for a present to the kindergarten. The yarn was brought to me – a mohair blend and I decided to try a short row pattern I had wanted to do for several months, the Rosewood pattern by Silvia Bentancur from Raverly.
pink rosewood lace scarf by Artanis Wedding Lace

The next scarf is also from a mohair blend brought to me and it went as a Christmas present to the kindergarten personal. It is the Feather and Fan Short Scarf by Kelly Faller from Raverly. Here is a close up on the scarf.

Feather and Fan short scarf by Artanis Wedding Lace

And here is the full scarf.

blue lace scarf by Artanis wedding Lace

After I had finished these scarves, my husband asked if I could knit a shawl for him also – how could I refuse 🙂 We searched for a pattern together and finally decided on the Frostlight pattern by Robin Urlich in Raverly. He then looked through my yarns and picked a purple yarn.

I started knitting, but pretty soon realized that yarn my husband picked was too thin for a manly scarf. I then rummaged more through my yarns and found two more purple yarns that were thicker. I decided to make it a surprise for my husband and therefore I knitted it when he was outside. When he came inside I quickly put the scarf behind my back and picked up the beginning of the first scarf and pretender to knit it and complained loudly that the pattern was so weird that I have to unknit the scarf all the time 🙂 .

I had not quite finished by Christmas eve (I had about 10 cm left to knit) and so I put the scarf into the package with needles in it. My husband was very surprised and very pleased with it, my son wanted to know how Santa Claus got the scarf I was knitting (magic 😉 ) and one of my daughters was happy that her daddy got the same knitting needles that mommy has 🙂

This is the finished scarf, made with two different purple yarns and the fringes were put on to the “wrong color”. Luckily my husband loved the design and also the sexy curled fringes from previously used yarn. He loved it so much that when he normally does not like having his picture taken then this time he volunteered to wear the scarf on the pictures, a very happy wife here 🙂

hubbys scarf frostlight by Artanis Wedding Lace

purple hubbys scarf Artanis Wedding Lace

lace purple hubbys scarf frostlight by Artanis Wedding Lace

As I mentioned I had no time to knit something for my kids this December, but I found an Etsy store MukiCrafts where there are absolutely adorable knitting patterns. I especially love a fox hood cowl Rene (look at the Picture below) and promise that I will purchase it in the beginning of 2015!

Fox pattern by mukicrafts

And with this New Year promise I wish a Happy New Year to you all!

Happy New Year from Artanis Wedding Lace

Christmas Market in Alatskivi Castle, Estonia

Alatskivi Castle, Estonia

Alatskivi Castle, Estonia

On the 6th of December there was a Christmas Market in the Alastkivi Castle. The Alatskivi Castle is in Alatskivi Parish in Tartu County, Estonia. It was built in the late 19th century and it was modeled on the Balmoral Castle, Scotland. It was reconstructed recently and it welcomes visitors from near and far.

I was one of over fifty sellers participating in the market. Besides lots of selling and buying there were also entertainers and many workshops for people. It was very nice to get out of the house and meet my customers face to face as otherwise I only communicate with you via internet. I had so many good words said to me about my work that it is enough to keep me going for a year (until the next Christmas market in Alatskivi Castle).

I was in a room with handcraft sellers – lovely hand-knitted woolen socks and mittens, cardboard 3D puzzles, hand painted silk scarves, etc. Unfortunately I did not see much of the other activities and sellers since I was there alone and could not walk around the castle, but some pictures of the event can be seen on the Alatskivi News Facebook post (including the famous onion braids from the shores of lake Peipus) But I did take couple of minutes before the market started and took some pictures of my table.

My table

My table

Big hair flowers

Big hair flowers

Small Hair Flowers

Small Hair Flowers

I thought that there was no place where to hang my shawls and so I didn’t bring any hangers with me. But luckily one of my neighbouring sellers had a couple of extra ones. Thanks to her I was able to hang my white and pink heart scarf up.

Pink and White Heart Bridal Scarf

Pink and White Heart Bridal Scarf

And of course you can’t go to a market and not buy anything. There was a lovely lady next to me who sold all kinds of sewn things and we had a very good time talking when there were fewer customers (there were concerts in the castle also). Since my mother had requested potholders for Christmas I bought a pair from her.

Lovely New Potholders for my Mom

Lovely New Potholders for my Mom

Alltogether it was a very good four hours and I can’t wait for next year. Meanwhile my scarves, shawls and hair flowers can be bought from my Etsy store ArtanisWeddingLace

Scarves and Shawls knitted by me

Elegant Shawl1.3 - Artanis Wedding Lace I discovered that I’m in danger of forgetting how many Lace scarves and shawls I have knitted. And, since this is something I do want to keep track of I decided to list them all here (with pictures and links where possible).



1. Elegant Shawl 1
2. Elegant Shawl 2
Elegant Bridal Shawl - Artanis Wedding Lace




3. Spruce with cubes patterned scarf
Wedding Scarf - Spruce pattern1.3 - Artanis Wedding Lace




4. Lily of the Valley Shawl (Turned Lily of the Valley Pattern) 1
Wedding Shawl - Lily of the Valley1.2 - Artanis Wedding Lace



5. Lily of the Valley Shawl (Turned Lily of the Valley Pattern) 2

6. Bridal Scarf – Heart Pattern Edge with Two Small Patterns in the Center 1
Wedding Scarf - Heart Pattern - Artanis Wedding Lace




7. Bridal Scarf – Heart Pattern Edge with Two Small Patterns in the Center 2 (With two colors – white and pink)

Pink and White Heart Bridal Scarf

Pink and White Heart Bridal Scarf






8. Heart Patterned Shawl (natural white center with dark red edge)

9. Flower Field Scarf